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There are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge with your next new car and the age old question of whether to lease or to buy is one of the biggest hurdles facing most buyers. While buying your car may mean trade-in value down the road, leasing may require less investment overall; that is, if its carefully negotiated. Let the automotive experts at Car and Driver guide you through the leasing process. Learn how leases work, check out all the best monthly lease deals, or find out how to get out of an existing lease–all in one stop.

2023 toyota gr supra a91mt

Best New Car Lease Deals for March 2023

Slide into a coupe this spring—anything from a Dodge Challenger to a Mercedes-AMG C43 or Toyota Supra. Deals start at $400 and top out just under $1000/month.

african american father and son discussing with a car salesperson

Leasing vs. Buying a Car: Which Is Best for You?

high angle view of saleswoman showing car to customers at showroom

Electric Vehicle Lease Deals

Car Sales

How to Negotiate Your Next Car Lease Like a Pro

The Terms You Need to Understand Before Leasing a New Car

The Terms You Need to Understand Before Leasing

Ending Your Lease

Close up customer signing financial contract paperwork in car dealership

How to Get out of a Car Lease Early

Learn a few ways to break your auto lease ethically and what your best options are for the least damage to your credit rating.


What to Know About Auto Lease Transfers

For some, two-plus years is simply too long to be with the same car. Here's a guide to finding someone to take over your lease or buying someone else's.

car key, businessman handing over gives the car key to the other woman on car background

Your Rights If Dealer Won't Take Lease Back

Read the fine print on your lease, but one thing is certain: it is not the consumer's responsibility to help dealers find room to take a leased car back.

Car Dealership In Pennsylvania Ordered Closed By State During Coronavirus Pandemic"n

Dealers Aren’t Letting Customers Return Leases

As customers have vehicle leases expire, some are having trouble returning the cars to dealers during the pandemic, USA Today reported.

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car rent agent manager holding key of new car giving to woman client after signing good deal agreement contract, renting considering vehicle

What Your Car Lease Really Costs

Understand the ins and outs of the money factor of leasing when it comes to inventory, residual value, dealer rates, and fees.

By Clifford Atiyeh
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